Factors of the Media

            Many parents monitor and control children’s media consumption.   I believe that there should be a limit to how much a child should watch and use TVs, computer, and gaming consoles.  With technology so advanced all children want to do is use their media.  When I was a child all I wanted to do is play video games. I couldn’t wait to come home from school and play Xbox.  I never had anyone to stop me.  The thing is that since I was a child I had to get glasses for always looking at a TV screen or a computer screen.  As my parents really didn’t monitor on what I was doing and never guided me to do my homework I rarely did it and I didn’t do well good in school. Having my parents never guiding me on what is good and what’s not has carried on ever since that.  I believe if they stopped me from playing video games or even rewarded me, by letting me play only if I did my homework, would have helped me a lot as a child.

                Parents should put a limit on what children watch on TV .  In a 2006 study survey 72.4 percent of parents put a limit on what children can and cannot watch on TV.  I believe that what parents are starting to do is really good because it is not letting little kids watch bad TV shows.  Many kids that watch bad TV shows makes them think that there behavior is good and cool and that is how they should be acting. The behavior that TV shows are not always good so parents should be putting a lock on TV shows that is putting out the wrong views for children.  Many children that watch TV shows like Jersey Shore and other reality TV shows believe that they should behave like that around their friends but in reality it’s not. All in all, many parents should join those statistics and be aware of what your children are watching and what they’re doing on the internet.




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